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2. Nuts & Washers
Table of Contents

Hex Nuts

Finished Hex Nuts, Grade 8 USS & SAE
Finished Hex Nuts, Grade 2 USS & SAE
Finished Hex Nuts, Left Hand Thread
Finished Jam Nuts, USS & SAE Thread
Rod Coupling Nuts, USS Thread
Heavy Hex Nuts, USS Thread
2H Heavy Hex Nuts, USS Thread
High Nuts, SAE Thread
Machine Screw Nuts
Square Nuts, USS Thread
Wing Nuts, USS & SAE Thread
Acorn Nuts, USS & SAE Thread

Lock Nuts

Slotted Hex Nuts, USS & SAE Thread
Keps Nuts, USS & SAE Thread
Serrated Flange Nuts, USS & SAE Thread
Flange Style Frame Nuts, USS Thread
Prevaling Torque Nuts, USS & SAE Thread
Nylon Insert Nuts, USS & SAE Thread
Thin Nylon Insert Nuts, USS & SAE Thread

Specialty Nuts

Tee Nuts, USS & SAE Thread
Jack Nuts, USS & SAE Thread

Threaded Inserts

Klik Poly-Nuts
Kilk Thread-Serts
Kilk Rivet-Nuts
Klik Rivet-Nuts, Ribbed
Thread-Sert Kit
Thread-Sert Tools

Flat Washers

Grade 8, USS & SAE Pattern
Grade 2, USS & SAE Pattern
Machine Screw Sizes
Finishing, Nickel Plated
Fender, Zinc Plated
Extra Thick Fender Washers
Bellville, Phosphate & Oil
Bonded Neoprene Sealing Washers

Spacing Washers

Malleable Bevel Washers
Fender Shims

Lock Washers

Split, Grade 8 Yellow Zinc Plated
Split, Grade 2 Zinc Plated
Split, Machine Screw Sizes Zinc Plated
High Collar Split, Alloy Steel Plain
Internal Tooth Star, Zinc Plated
External Tooth Star, Zinc Plated
Countersunk Tooth Star, Zinc Plated
Vibration Proof Disc Type, Zinc Yellow Plated
X-Washers, Zinc Plated

Nuts & Washers Table of Contents