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16. Tools

Insert Bits and Drivers

Square Recess
Torx Equivalent
Magnetic Hex Insert Bit Holder
Magnetic Power Nutsetter
Phillips Power Bits
Slotted Power Bits
Socket Adapter

Tamperproof Security Drivers

Spanner Bits
Torx® Tamperproof Bits
Spanner Driver Kits
Security Drivers
Security Driver Bits

Hex Keys

Individual Hex-L® Keys
Individual Hex-T® Keys
Hex-L® Key Sets
Fold-Up Key Sets
Cushion Grip Hex-T® Key Sets
Ball Hex-L® Key Sets
Individual Ball Hex-L® Keys

Other Key Sets

Fold-A-Ball Key Sets
Fold-Up Torx® Key Sets
Torx® L-Key Sets
Fold-Up Screwdriver Set


Slotted Round Shank
Slotted Cabinet Tip
Slotted Square Shank
Screwdriver Set

Socket Drive Tools

1/4” Ratchet Tools
1/4” Sockets
3/8” Ratchet Tools
3/8” Sockets
1/2” Ratchet Tools
1/2” Sockets
3/4” Ratchet Tools
3/4” Sockets

Torque Wrenches

ATD Micrometer Torque Wrenches

Impact Socket

1/2” Drive Sockets
1/2” Drive Socket Sets


Wright Combination Wrenches
Wright Combination Wrench Sets
ATD Adjustable Wrench
ATD Heavy Duty Pipe Wrench
ATD C-Clamps

Channellock and Vice Grip Pliers

Tongue and Groove Pliers
Needle Nose Pliers
Diagonal Cutting Pliers
End Cutter
Lineman’s Plier
Long Nose Vise Grip
Straight Jaw Vice Grip
Curved Jaw Vise Grip
Curved Jaw with Wire Cutter Vise Grip

Bolt Cutters

Hammers, Punches and Chisels

Rubber Mallet
Claw Hammer
Brass Hammer
Sledge Hammer
Ball Pein Hammer
Center Punches
Starter Punches
Line-Up Punches
Pin Punches
Cold Chisels
Pilot Punches
6 Piece Punch and Chisel Set
6 Piece Cold Chisel Set
14 Piece Punch and Chisel Set
4 Piece Line-Up Punch Set
6 Piece Pilot Punch Set

Tape Measure

Hand Files

Wooden File Handle
Half Round Files
Round Files
Taper Files
Flat Bastard Files
Flat Mill Bastard Files
Chain Saw Files

Torches & Accessories

Propane Torch
Self-Ingniting Torch
Propane Cylinders
Solder Paste
Tubing Brushes
Tubing Cutters