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5. Construction Fasteners

Mechanical Anchors

Wedge Type, Zinc Plated Steel
Wedge Type, Stainless Steel
Sleeve Type, Zinc Plated Steel
Titan HD™ Threaded Anchor
Tapcon™ Screws, Hex Washer Head
Tapcon™ Screws, Phillips Flat Head
Tapcon™ Installations Tool Kit
Tapcon™ Masonry Bits
Drop-In Anchors
Double Expansion Shields
Machine Screw Anchors
Lag Screw Shields
Lead Wood Screw Anchors
E-Z Anchors, Nylon & Zinc
Conical Plastic Anchors
Plastic Anchor Kits
Vinyl Sleeve Screw Anchors
Toggle Bolts, Round Head
Toggle Bolts, Flat Head
Toggle Bolts, Combo Truss Head
Kaptoggle™ Anchors
Versatoggle™ Drywall Anchors
Hollow Wall Anchors, Standard & Drive Point
Hollow Wall Anchor Tool
Hammer Drive Anchors, Nylon & Zinc

Powder Actuated Fasteners

Powder Actuated Tool Kit
Loads, .22 Caliber Single Shot
Loads, .25 Caliber Disc & Strip
Loads, .27Caliber Single & Strip
Pins, Standard
Pins, with Washer
Pins, with Ceiling Clips
Pins, with Threaded Studs

Strut & Accessories

Strut, Galvanized & Green
Strut Nuts, with Spring
Strut Nuts, without Spring
Twirl Nuts
Strut Connection Fittings
Strut Mounting Fittings
End Caps
Beam Clamps, for Threaded Rod
Beam Clamps, Strut to Beam
Pipe Clamps, for Conduit
Pipe Clamps, for Steel & Copper Tubing

Sammy™ Super Screws

Wood Mounting, Vertical
Wood Mounting, Horizontal
Steel Mounting, Vertical
Steel Mounting, Horizontal
Steel Mounting, Drop Ceilings
Concrete Mounting, Vertical
Concrete Mounting, Horizontal
Concrete Mounting, Eyelet & S-Hook