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9. Chain & Wire Hardware
Table of Contents


Proof Coil Chain, Zinc Plated
Proof Coil Chain, Galvanized
Single Jack Chain, Zinc Plated

Cable & Accessories

Aircraft Cable, Galvanized
Aircraft Cable, Vinyl Coated
Cable Swage Sleeves
Wire Rope Clamps
Wire Rope Thimbles

Chain Hardware

Clevis Grab Hooks
Clevis Slip Hooks
Shackles, Screw Pin Anchor
Double Clevis Links
Quick Links

Rigging Hardware

Eye Bolts, Drop Forged & Galvanized
Machinery Lifting Eyes, Drop Forged Plain Steel
Turnbuckles, Drop Forged & Galvanized
Yoke Ends, Plain Steel
Eye Bolts, Light Duty Zinc Plated
Lag Screw Eyes, Light Duty Zinc Plated
Acoustical Lags, Zinc Plated
Midget Turnbuckles, Light Duty Cast Aluminum


Square Bend, For Leaf Springs
Round Bend, For Leaf Springs
Round Bend, Zinc Plated for Pipe Hanging


Corner Braces
Flat Corner Braces
Flat Mending Braces
Shelf Brackets

Steel Stock

Round Stock
Flat Stock
Perforated Angle


Mechanics Wire
Perforated Hanger Strap
Rubber Tie Down Straps
Bolt Snaps & Spring Clips
Bevel Washers
Bolt Cutters

Chain & Wire Hardware Table of Contents