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General Purpose Grease Gun
General Purpose Mini Pistol
Grease Gun Kit
A hard-working model with
professional features.
2-way loading; 14 oz. cartridge or
A compact “tool box” size grease
gun perfect for hard-to-
Durable baked enamel finish.
reach jobs.
Develops up to 6,000 psi.
Ideal for do-it-yourself
Delivers1.6 oz./40 strokes.
automotive, industrial, farm,
RV and marine applications.
Includes zinc die-cast head
PLE-30445 - Plews / Edelmann
cap and pistol grip for easy
Standard grade material.
one hand operation and 3 oz.
Includes 5-3/8” rigid pipe and coupler.
cartridge of Lubrimatic ® grease.
Develops up to 3,600 psi.
LNC-1142 - Lincoln
Rugged cast iron pump head for
Includes 6” rigid pipe and coupler.
Multi-Purpose Lithium Grease
LNC-1147 - Lincoln
Mini Catridges
Fast, one-handed operation.
Includes 18” whip hose with
coupler for flexibility
Long lasting, hard working formula delivers
high performance in wide range of heavy-duty
Multi-Purpose Lithium Grease
Recommended for chassis
universal joints and other
general purpose applications
Long lasting, hard working formula
around the home, farm or shop.
delivers high performance in wide
Works best for lubricating
range of heavy-duty appplications.
rolling parts.
Recommended for chassis universal
NLGI #1-1/2, drop point 350º.
joints and other general purpose
3 oz. cartridge - 3/pk
applications around the home, farm
or shop.
Works best for lubricating rolling
NLGI #1-1/2, drop point 350º.
14 oz. cartridge.
Pistol Oiler
Drawn steel body with rugged eposy finish resists rust.
6 oz. capacity with base holder and 6” flex spout.
Flex spout is zinc plated and detachable with a base thread of 1/4-28.
11 - 30