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3. Screws
Table of Contents

Machine Screws

Slotted Round Head
Slotted Flat Head
Slotted Oval Head
Slotted Pan Head
Slotted Truss Head
Phillips Flat Head
Phillips Oval Head
Phillips Pan Head
Phillips Truss Head
Indented Hex Washer Head
Thumb Screws

Sheet Metal Screws

Slotted Pan Head
Phillips Pan Head
Combo Pan Head
Slotted Flat Head
Phillips Flat Head
Phillips Oval Head
Slotted & Unslotted Hex Washer Head
Self Piercing Screws, Zinc Plated
Self Piercing Screws, Painted Head

Self-Drilling Screws

Phillips Pan Head
Hex Head Washer
Heavy Duty Hex Head Washer
Phillips Flat Head w/wings
Wafer Head
Phillips Flat Head

Lath Screws

Phillips Sharp Point
Phillips Drill Point
Door Hardware

Miscellaneous Construction Screws

Woodgrip Sealing Screws
Tiemaster™ Landscape Screws
Insulation Fasteners

Wood Screws

Slotted Flat Head
Phillips Flat Head
Slotted Round Head

Drywall Screws

Coarse Phillips Bugle Head
Fine Phillips Bugle Head
Heavy Duty Laminating Screws
Self Drilling Phillips Bugle Head
Trim Head
Framing (Peanut) Screws
Exterior Decking Screws
Stainless Steel Square Drive Screws

Tapcon™ Masonry Screw Anchors

Hex Washer Head
Phillips Flat Head
Carbide Tipped Masonry Bits
Tapcon™ Condrive 1000 Installation Tool Kit

Tapping Screws

Torx Flat Head Floor Board Screws
Thread Cutting Screws
Black Oxide Phillips Oval Head
Black Oxide Phillips Flat Head
Black Oxide Phillips Pan Head
Phillips Oval Countersunk Washer Head
Phillips Oval Flush Washer Head
Phillips Oval Head Self Drilling Finishing Screw
Phillips Flat Top Washer Head
Phillips Pan Head Sems
Metric Torx ® Head

Screws Table of Contents